Lo spritz… in my pants

spritz... in my pants

Today, kiddies, laura and marina™ will teach you the art of Lo Spritz (pronounced spreeeeeeeetz).

So Marina got way into drinking these when she was living in Florence.  All the time. Even before she had to teach a group of well paying adults the mindblowingly beautiful language that is English (pronounced Eeeeengleeesh).  She came back to the United States (to be with Laura) thinking, stupidly, that the main ingredient necessary to make these libations was available stateside.  It isn’t.*  So she called up her super-fly aunt Denise who flies to Rome frequently, and asked her to bring back a bottle.

*Wait…yes it is. It available everywhere, basically.  Just not in the first and only store that Marina checked.

The main ingredient, Aperol (pronounced Aperol).

Aperol is a bitter, syrup-y liquid that would probably be disgusting by itself.  But mixed with a delicious bottle of dry, sparkling white wine, it’s the best thing you have ever put in your mouth.  

First, laura and marina™ garnished their sticks with orange, lemon and an olive!

the garnish.

the garnish on the stick, the aperol, the sparkling white wine, and the glasses.

laura and marina™ put ice and the garnished sticks into the glasses, and then got to pourin’.

two parts Aperol, three parts sparkling white wine, ice, and garnished sticks.

when they were done they shared the goodness with Rocky…

Rocky rocking the Spritz.

laura and marina™ realize that the phrase “garnished sticks” was used far too many times in this post.
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