after she deemed her first attempt at empanadas a success, laura decided to expand her repertoire and try a second batch. in keeping with the halloween theme, she chose pumpkin empanadas. also, she likes dessert.


  • pumpkin (purée can be used if you’re lazy)
  • cinnamon
  • sugar
  • salt
  • sunflower oil
  • ginger

laura cut the pumpkin into small chunks and cooked it over low heat with rock salt and sunflower oil until it began to soften. (be careful not to add too much salt. laura did and then had to compensate by adding lots and lots of sugar, which her thighs really appreciated.)

then she dumped in a bunch of sugar and cinnamon and threw in some fresh ginger. she used a spatula to mash it all together, because that was clearly the best tool for the job. when it had the consistency of baby food, she knew it was perfect, so she put down the spatula and let the concoction cool before gently encasing it in the pouches of doughy goodness that would become its home.


cinnamon-y pumpkin-ada crust

to make sure that the pumpkin-adas didn’t stick to the pan, laura put some flour on the cutting board where she was stuffing the emps but, check it, she added cinnamon to the flour to make them more dessert-y.

laura put them in the oven for about 15 minutes until they began to brown and then took them out to let them cool. while she admired her creation, her stomach dropped. she realized that it would have made so much more sense to carve faces into these empanadas, as they were pumpkin-filled and jack-o-lanters are created using said member of the squash family. and all of a sudden she could feel her carne-filled jack-o-nadas sneering at her from inside the fridge. so she ate them to show them who was boss.

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One Response to pumpkin-adas

  1. Anne Hansen says:

    keep on cookin’. nan, greg, keith and anne are anticipating an absolutely delicious meal after this awesome display of domesticity.

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